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The Sundance School - established 1977

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“ I work closely and passionately with our talented team of educators to coordinate their respective programs with a seamless progression schoolwide. My goal is to create an atmosphere of innovative, creative, and personal educational experiences for every Sundance child that will last a lifetime.”Bobbi Heteji – Director of Education


The Lower School (ages 2 1/2 - Pre-K) provides a unique experience, interactive early childhood curriculum which weaves imagination and creativity into the education process to foster confidence and unlock each child’s potential.


The Lower School

The Primary (Kindergarten & 1st Grade) is a dynamic, progressive and innovative program for five, six, and seven year old children who are ready for a challenging full-day learning experience.

The Primary

In The Upper School (2nd-8th Grade) classrooms, students experience a variety of instructional strategies; direct instruction, cooperative learning, discovery learning, computer based research, and peer tutoring. Our Middle School Upper Schoolers take on leadership roles and have amazing opportunities to shine!


The Upper School

The teachers instilled a life-long love of reading and math in our 6.5 year old while allowing her to express her creative and play side through art, stage, and foreign language. We watched our 5 year old transform from a shy toddler to a confident and curious boy who loves making friends and enjoys science and cooking. And we are thrilled to see the excitement in our 2.5 year old, who cant wait to see his teachers on school days. We would recommend Sundance to anyone who is looking for a place, which feels like home to children, who are loved and cherished, and where learning is fun but leads to amazing academic results.