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The Sundance School - established 1977

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Sundance Vision Statement

There is no time of life more important to the growth and development of a human being than the period we refer to as Early Childhood. There is no better facilitator for the positive growth and development of young children than love. At Sundance, we express love for children by treating them, their families and each other with warmth, patience and kindness. By providing positive role models we teach the children one of the most important lessons in life; to treat others, as we would like to be treated ourselves.

Our love for children is expressed through unconditional acceptance of each child as an individual with a unique learning style and developmental timetable. We help every child to develop an appreciation for his or her own gifts and a desire to learn without fear of criticism or making mistakes.

Our love for children is expressed by our enthusiasm, and our efforts to create an atmosphere charged with positive energy. Using our own creative imaginations and love of learning, we nurture the imagination of the children, and provide an environment in which the creative arts and intellectual curiosity flourish.

Our mission is to help each child grow to his or her full potential emotionally, socially, intellectually, physically and creatively, and to experience real happiness and joy in their first home away from home.