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The Sundance School - established 1977

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Sundance Testimonials

All of the following testimonials were provided by satisfied Sundance parents. We are also more than happy to put you in touch with a current Sundance family to give you first-hand answers to your questions.

The primary program is one of the best parts of Sundance! It is a self-contained unit of kindergarten and first grade that allows children to thrive. Words cannot describe the quality and exuberance of the reading, math and art programs. If your child does not have this experience, they are missing out. Stina Nanavati, Parent

We’ve had two children go through the preschool program at Sundance. The love and nurturing provided to our boys is unmatched and has led to an incredible transformation in their development. We’ve seen our eldest son flourish from being very shy and timid, to extremely confident and charming. And our youngest son has quickly grown from only being able to communicate with a few words to a very engaging and articulate young man. We are really thankful to The Sundance School for helping our little ones flourish. Sofia and Sal Simao, Parents
One of my favorite Sundance memories was performing at age 3 as a sea turtle with maracas! I began my professional acting career at the age of 10. I have been fortunate to have performed nationally in four Broadway tours; and worked in both print and commercial. My teachers at Sundance nurtured my passion and allowed me to explore my love of dance, music, and acting from an early age – they inspired me to believe in myself – to work hard, share my gifts, dream big, and always reach for the stars. Lucas Schultz, Alumnus
I find myself in a national theatre seating 4000 people waiting to watch Lucas perform on stage with actors who share his drive and passion, and I find myself asking how on earth it came to be? I know that from his first day at 3 years old to his last day in 5th grade at Sundance, that the teachers there undoubtedly guided him to where he is today. It is no accident that not only Lucas but also three other children from Sundance have found professional success in musical theatre. It is the early exposure, the nurturing and the guidance to be what you want to be that allows these children to succeed. If only more schools could tap into children’s talents at such a young age and inspire them to explore their passion. It doesn’t matter if you begin on a stage at 3 holding a Maraca or end on a stage with a Broadway company the fact is you are on a stage where you were born to be! Mercedes Schultz, Alumni Parent
Sundance utilizes a holistic approach to teaching and caring for all aspects of a child’s development. Thus fostering a unique and extraordinary love of learning. The creative expression and confidence building that organically occurs from room to room of this school are unparalleled. It is a truly exceptional school experience for my children and our family. Amy Holland, Lower School and Primary School Parent
The teachers instilled a life-long love of reading and math in our 6.5 year old while allowing her to express her creative and play side through art, stage, and foreign language. We watched our 5 year old transform from a shy toddler to a confident and curious boy who loves making friends and enjoys science and cooking. And we are thrilled to see the excitement in our 2.5 year old, who cant wait to see his teachers on school days. We would recommend Sundance to anyone who is looking for a place, which feels like home to children, who are loved and cherished, and where learning is fun but leads to amazing academic results. Jay Lewis, Sundance Parents Association President (2014-2016)
Both my boys have attended Sundance have been instilled with confidence, a love for learning and an understanding of compassion. This is due to Sundance’s priceless method of loving and teaching their students and making them feel part of a loving school family. The many skills my kids have mastered at Sundance will serve them well throughout their educational career and beyond. Thank you Sundance! Anjli Kothari, Alumni Parent
You take all the best evidence based teaching techniques, an amazing curriculum with just the right amount of challenge, and add in the Sundance educated and dedicated staff, and you have this exceptional school. The warmth, energy, kindness, and guidance provided to the children by the staff are truly the best! Julieth Tabora, Lower and Upper School Parent